50 Dare ideas for the Truth or Dare Game

Over 50 great dares for truth or dare to use for Birthday Party or your next Sleepover.

All are clean, rated G and child friendly. Great and comical challenge for older kids, tweens (ages 10, 11 and 12) and adolescents.

Before your birthday sleepover or party print Challenge thoughts out and cut into strips.

Fold over each idea that is dare so party guests can not see them. Place in a container labeled “dare notions”. Jenga has out that has truth or dare questions ideas printed on each piece a fun game. You may also make your own Jenga Truth or Dare game by writing the truth or dare questions on a game you have at home.

Challenge thoughts that are friendly

Thoughts shared by Birthday Party Ideas 4 Kids readers

  1. Go outside and dance like a cowboy.
  2. Go outside with a sign that says “Dance for me if you think I am cute!”
    Pose like your favorite model.
  3. Sit for the remaining match on the lap of the individual on your own right!
  4. Pour a cup of hot water or ice cold on yourself outside
  5. Jump on one leg for 20 seconds with both hands in your head.
    Dance Crazy
  6. Run around a top for pant for 3 minutes, trousers for a top and wearing socks on your own hands.
  7. Call your crush and sing “I can not help falling in love with you” to him.
  8. Stand in you wave, front yard and say ‘Hi!’ to everyone you see.
  9. Phone your crush and explain the rules of monopoly to him.
  10. Strive while singing the alphabet licking your elbow
  11. Wrap yourself up in toilet paper and take a photo.
  12. Prank call your crush and sing .. ” I can’t help falling in love with you”.
  13. Go outside and check the mailbox.
  14. You must ask the group for permission to use the bathroom for the remaining portion of the night.
  15. Trade a clothing item with the individual on your right.
  16. Dance crazy with no music.
  17. For the duration of the game you must yell out exclamations at random.
  18. Take the individual on your right on a piggy back ride around the room.
  19. Go outside and tell the first person you see that you enjoy/love/loathe them.
  20. Have you will need to keep it like that for the remaining match and the person in your right do your hair any way they desire.
  21. Say “hippity hop” after anything you or anyone says for the next 10 minutes.
  22. Circle around each person in the room 5 times each.
  23. Dancing around the room singing a Hannah Montana tune selected by the person on your own right.
  24. Smell the feet of everyone in the room and rank them from best to worst.
  25. Prank request his favourite color and call your puppy love.
  26. Bypass down the road singing “Mary had a little lamb”.
  27. Say the pledge of allegiance in your most un-favourite teachers voice.
  28. Eat a teaspoon of either mustard, soy sauce or hot sauce.
  29. Eat a bite from a sandwich made from every person choosing one ingredient to put on the sandwich.
  30. Have the man to the left of you do your makeup … blindfolded.
  31. Stand on your head for 1 minute.
  32. Find 3 stuffed animals and have a make-believe tea party or birthday party.
  33. Make a brand new dance up and instruct it.
  34. Run down the road in your pj’s
  35. Ask a neighbor.
  36. Reveal everything that is in your purse.
  37. Read the last note you received out loud.
  38. Ask if you can use their dressing room to try on a pair of jeans and call Walmart you received as a present.
  39. Have the group paint your fingernails any manner they wish to.
  40. Play “This little piggy went to market” on everyone’s toes.
  41. Head to the hosts and say “thank you for a lovely time”.
  42. Imaginary hosts dog (pet) is your crush and inquire him out on a date.
  43. Go outside with a sign that says “I’m a Dork”.
  44. Prank call your Mother.
  45. Chug a soda in 10 seconds.
  46. Mimic her boyfriend and your buddy.
  47. Pretend to function as person on your right for 10 minutes.
  48. Eat a mouthful of crackers and after that try and whistle.
  49. Pretend that you are underwater for the next 10 minutes.
  50. Choose a bubble outside and try to set it free.
  51. Text everyone you realize and say “I rock!”
  52. Call sister or your brother and let them know how amazing they’re.
  53. Do your greatest ballet dance.
  54. Assemble a tower out of anything you can find until it is taller then you’re.
  55. After everything you say add “Whoa … I’m great!” for the next 15 minutes.
  56. Let’s know your favourite Dare Ideas and we’ll add them!

Add your own dare ideas. Be sure that they’re not too humiliating and which you would do yourself to the dares.

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