Really Good Would You Rather Questions

When you want to get to know someone, whether it’s a prospective romantic interest, a friend, or a co-worker, these “Would you Rather…” questions are an excellent way to find out more about the people around you. They’re entertaining, and they could keep the mood lighthearted, though some of them may be just a little obscene or embarrassing.


Would you rather not be extremely tall or tall? You will find pros and cons to both, naturally, so think in what you’d say. Chances are, folks that are short will say they’d rather be tall, and tall people will say they’d rather be brief, because they know what it’s like to function as the other.

  1. Would you rather be blind or deaf? Always a demanding one, but each comes with its values, if you had to pick.
  2. Would you rather experience persistent itch or a constant pain? This can be another tough one, for sure. Recall, nothing can make the pain or the itch go away forever.
  3. Would you rather go without the Internet or your automobile for a month? A man answers this one can provide you with a whole lot of insight into their style. Hmmm…
  4. Would you rather don’t have any sense of smell, or have a sense so powerful like it was in front of your face you could smell everything around you? A fascinating thing to contemplate with this one is that the sense of smell, or lack thereof, also influences your sense of taste.
  5. Would you rather have the ability to whisper or yell everything? This can be a rough one. Either way, whisper, and you’re bound to be in a scenario where you’d be driven to shout something you’d rather whisper something you’d rather shout.
  6. Would you rather be stuck with someone you can’t stand, or be adhered alone in a house?
  7. Would you rather be a moron in a world packed with geniuses or a prodigy in a world filled with morons? Again, a terrific one for getting insight into the people around you. Some may feel they’re already a genius in a world saturated in morons…. or they’re a moron surrounded by geniuses.
  8. Would you rather take a cold shower skip the shower or to not be dirty? This one’s kind of disgusting, but most folks would probably take a shower, finally… depending on how long the hot water was gone.
  9. You’ll find merits to both, so this is an excellent one to help you learn more about how a person believes.
  10. How a person answers this one will let you understand a lot about their personality.
  11. Would you drink milk that is spoiled or pee your pants? In either event, the embarrassment/pain is simply temporary although both options are less than perfect….
  12. Would you rather have a shot at $1 or a 50/50 a guaranteed $100,000 million? This one will assist you to see about how a person feels about cash and taking risks.
  13. Would you rather be good and poor looking, or affluent and nasty? This one will assist you to see more about a person’s problems with money and superficiality.
  14. Would you rather have the ability to read thoughts or fly? This one is kind of tough, but would be interesting regardless of the response.
  15. In a crowded room, would you have everyone laughing at your fart, or rather be the only person laughing at a fart? This one, a lighthearted and funny question would have great reasoning on both sides of the argument.
  16. Would you rather have a boring job that pays $100,000 a year, or a fun job you love that pays $50,000? This really is another good one for learning more about the importance someone puts on money.
  17. Would you rather have an increased IQ or a photographic memory? Does a higher IQ make you more intelligent, or does the photographic memory?
  18. Would you rather have your first child as a teen or in your 40s? This can be another with clear advantages and disadvantages on both sides.
  19. Would you rather go without caffeine without refined sugar or 90?
  20. Would you rather be nice or naughty? Each comes with edges. This will give you some insight into what’s bubbling beneath the surface.
  21. Would you rather be smart or alluring? You’d be amazed at how many amazing folks would rather be bright and taken rather than keep their looks and be judged entirely on them.
  22. Would you rather not be incredibly poor for a day or happy for your own entire life? Think of how much happiness can be wrung out of one day if you had the means.
  23. Would you rather marry an extremely intelligent woman or a very beautiful girl? Some men are threatened by intelligent women. Others wouldn’t do without one.
  24. Would you rather wed an immensely rich man or an extremely handsome man?
  25. Would you live amply in an area that is dreary or rather live badly in a hip area? Then you will probably choose the former should you be of a bohemian mindset. Those who desire equilibrium will go for the latter.
  26. Would you rather be good at math or good at writing? Good writers often envy individuals who are great with numbers. The latter don’t normally reciprocate this feeling.
  27. Would you rather read a succession of extremely fascinating publications of philosophy or a string of extremely great mystery novels? Philosophy is a great of mystery, or at least a riddle. Many great mystery stories cope with issues of philosophical significance. Selecting one will not preclude curiosity about one other.
  28. Would you rather be a person who’s popular although primitive or a person who’s well mannered but forgettable? Sometimes the rudest individuals are the most fascinating and exciting.
  29. Would you rather be a really well educated individual or an extremely well connected individual? Instruction may give you strength and internal riches. Material prosperity, nevertheless, comes with connections and networks.
  30. Would you poor or ugly and rather hot and affluent? Another one that talks to one’s the balance of the two and dreams in love and life.

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